My Invisalign blog – part 4

You and Me are Mint to be

Dinner dates: Dinner dates are absolutely fine if you are discrete and go to the toilet to pop your aligners out into the small container you will be given at the start of treatment. I however, learnt this lesson the hard way! After some first dates where I scared off a few people when I informed them that I needed to ‘just pop my teeth out’ as the food was served…I never did get that second date! Surprise Surprise!!!!

Drinkies: Removing the aligners for drinking hot drinks is a must! But do not fear….I have had no problems with White Wine, Cider or Gin

No. 1 Tip: I always work my aligner changeover in for a Friday night, so that I look my freshest at the weekends, ready for my many soirées.

No. 2 Tip: Do not leave aligners in a tissue or napkin, they will end up in the bin.

No. 3 Tip: Ladies if you wear bright lip stick keep an eye out in the mirror as I have had a few disasters with this

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