My Invisalign Blog: Part 2

Tooth be told

The first fit sensation is very odd, the aligners feel like thin gum shields in your mouth. They are thin and discreet but you are just very aware of them to start with. People always ask me if I find speaking difficult? I mean, it has really never been an issue for me, but with regards to the aligners I felt aware that particular words were trickier to say, but none of my family ever picked up on this. I have even found that when I take my aligners out I am actually pronouncing my words better! It’s like an elocution lesson thrown in, being born and bred in Somerset, this was no bad thing!

The first 3 weeks I had some aches and pains as I could feel the tooth movement beginning to kick in. I just took paracetamol to keep this at bay. Each time I change my aligners they feel very snug and certain teeth seem to have more pressure applied to them. Eating can be tender but on these days I stick to a softer diet…avoid the steaks! Things soon settle again.

Getting used to removing the aligners in the beginning seemed to be a nervous process, thinking I was stuck with them forever sometimes…but this soon becomes second nature and you get the knack.

Don’t panic about any aches (if you do get them at all) I felt it gave me some reassurance that the aligners were doing their job and we were moving closer to my dream.

Top Tip! Change your aligners over before going to bed at night, that way you sleep through the settling in.

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