My Invisalign blog Part 1

Biting the Bullet

When I was younger I suffered regular bullying about my appearance, this has had a knock on effect causing me to be extremely critical of myself in all aspects. I had an orthodontic consultation as a teenager but was not entitled to NHS treatment; this has always been at the back of my mind.

Throughout my 20s I focused my attention on my appearance; I got fit and lost weight. People would always say to me that my teeth ‘gave me my character’…I hated this phrase! On my 30th birthday over a bottle of wine I bit the bullet and began planning my perfect teeth, braces and tooth whitening were the way to go. Having worked at Resolution I was surrounded by beautiful smiles and patients fulfilling their dreams. It was now my turn!

I felt sorry for Larissa my orthodontist, I did not expect it but all my feelings about my teeth just spilled out and it felt like a therapy session. Larissa was brilliant she made me feel calm and was so thorough about my treatment options. That was it my prayers had been answered; all of the things that had bothered me for so long could be fixed…now could I actually do it…logistically, could I afford it? I managed to get my payments spread over 18 month’s interest free!!


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