Did you know that a regular scale and polish will help you feel confident again? Our scale and polish services are not just about improving your oral health, it’s about making you feel comfortable smiling again, knowing your teeth are clean and healthy.

This blog post will talk about the 4 key benefits of a regular scale and polish, aside from feeling confident with your overall oral hygiene.

Scale and polish summary

A scale and polish will improve the overall health of your teeth, as it will remove plaque and tartar from parts of your mouth that your toothbrush cannot reach. Our scale and polish services are carried out by a certified dental hygienist.

1. Wave goodbye to stains

Discolouration on your teeth can be caused by several things, for example, wine, coffee, tea and tobacco can cause visible stains to appear. Our scale and polish treatment will remove the above stains, causing your teeth to return to their previous colour. You will be able to smile again without feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

2. Plaque

Food and drinks which are high in carbohydrates can cause plaque to build-up on your teeth. Plaque doesn’t just build-up on your teeth; however, it also develops under your gums and can damage the bone, which supports your tooth.

A scale and polish can do more than simply brushing your teeth. Built-up plaque can be hard to remove with just brushing, which is why a scale and polish is a great way to thoroughly clean your gums and teeth. Our team of dental experts will be able to reach places your toothbrush can’t.

3. Freshness

Everyone at some point has felt insecure about their breath; however, if it is an ongoing issue, a scale and polish can help. This treatment will improve your breathing and help it feel fresher, as it will remove lodged in food and bacteria.

4. Tartar

Along with removing plaque, a scale and polish can also help to remove tartar. Tartar builds up over time, especially when your plaque is not removed regularly. If you do not remove tartar periodically, it can cause problems and can lead to tooth decay.

A scale and polish will help remove tartar, which means you are less likely to suffer from tooth decay.

Resolution Specialist Treatment Centre

Both adults and children can have our scale and polish treatments, all you have to do is contact the Resolution Specialist Treatment team, and we can arrange an appointment. Regain confidence in your smile again by seeking out our treatment today.