Are you looking for ways to improve your oral hygiene? Or are you looking for reasons why brushing and flossing help maintain a healthy smile? We hope this blog post helps you identify new ways you can keep your smile healthy.

This blog post highlights 4 fundamental ways to keep your smile healthy with recommended products you could incorporate into your daily routine to improve your oral health.


You can’t have a list of the essential products you need to keep your smile healthy without having the toothbrush pop up. As you will know, a toothbrush helps to keep your teeth, tongue and gums clean and is a common way people maintain their oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth will help fight gum disease, and removes plaque which could lead to tooth decay.


Flossing your teeth is an ideal way to keep your smile healthy, and not just because it helps with the appearance of your teeth. Did you know that flossing your teeth can also reduce bad breath? You see, food can become trapped between your teeth, and your toothbrush might not be able to reach it. This stuck food can then create an unpleasant odour, which leads to bad breath.

Flossing your teeth will help to remove hard to reach food and bacteria, and can even prevent gum disease. Flossing is also perfect for those of you that have braces, and it can remove bacteria that your toothbrush can’t.


Mouthwash is another item that can help keep your smile looking and feeling healthy, and similarly to floss, it can reduce bad breath. While mouthwash might only be a temporary solution to bad breath, mouthwash can make you feel clean and will leave you feeling refreshed.

The right type of mouthwash will also prevent plaque build-up as well as tooth decay.

Plaque Search

Unlike the other three examples on this list, the plaque search disclosing tablets might not be as commonly known. Plaque search disclosing tablets are an ideal way to monitor the health of your small as they identify new plaque on your teeth, which allows you to see which areas of your mouth need more attention.

Healthy smile help

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