Do you know the signs of a bad dentist? You might be surprised to find out that there are many different warning signs, and it’s important to take note of these.

Some telltale signs may indicate that your dentist is not up-to-scratch with what should be expected in a dental office. Read on for 15 common warning signs!

1. They Fail to Respond to Your Questions or Concerns

One thing that is common in all fields is that there will always be someone who may have a complaint. In the dentist’s office, you may be a patient or a family member of one, and you must communicate with your dentist about your concerns or questions.

2. The Office is Dirty and Unorganised

The cleanliness of your office says a lot about the clinic itself. If it’s cluttered with equipment left all over the place, this could be a sign that the dentist might not be very good at organising their clinic. Even if it’s not the office that’s dirty, if your dentist is untidy and does not keep their equipment in good condition, it may be a sign that they are not very neat.

3. Their Employees Appear to be Dissatisfied

Working in a dentist’s office can be very stressful sometimes, as you are surrounded by clients with pain and anxiety. A bad dentist’s office can allow a stressful environment to develop, and that can lead to some unpleasant surprises when an employee is let go. Some common things that can indicate a bad working environment can include: unhappy employees, workers who are constantly arguing with you, and rude or lazy workers.

4. You can’t get an Appointment With Them for Weeks or Months in Advance

If you’re experiencing pain, and you can’t get into the dentist’s office for weeks on end, it may be a sign that your dentist does not professionally run their practice. While it may be unfortunate if you have had pain for weeks on end, you should not have to struggle with that pain, especially if your dentist is not trying to fix the problem.

5. They Make you Feel Uncomfortable During the Exam, Like They are Rushing Through It

When your dentist is rushing through your exam, it may be a sign of impatience or carelessness. In some cases, it may be a sign of the dentist feeling rushed, so he may rush through his exam to finish his schedule for the day.

6. They Don’t Have a Good Bedside Manner When Talking to You About Treatment Options

Your dentist should be able to sit down and talk to you openly about treatment options without making you feel uncomfortable or pressured. When you go to a dentist’s office, it is perfectly normal to ask a lot of questions about treatment options, and your dentist should be able to answer those questions in a way that you feel comfortable with.

7. They are Not Well-Informed About the Latest Dental Technology

Today’s dentists are very well informed about the latest dental technologies and techniques. A dentist needs to be well-informed about the latest dental technology and techniques, as it makes their treatments easier and more comfortable for you.¬†

8. There Are Accessibility Problems When Trying to Make a Dental Appointment

If you have a dentist that consistently makes you wait weeks to schedule an appointment, or makes you wait days for an appointment, then it is a sign that your dentist does not run an efficient practice.

9. When you Leave, They don’t ask how Your Appointment Went or if There is Anything Else you Need

When you have a dental appointment, it is perfectly normal to want to know if your treatment went well and if something can be worked on to make it better. A dentist that does not ask you this or does not follow up with you on this is an indication that they may not be treating your teeth as carefully as they should be.

10. When the Receptionist Acts Rudely Toward You

When making a dental appointment, a receptionist’s initial impression of a dentist can reveal a lot about the dentist that the dentist truly is. A receptionist’s first impression of a dentist can determine whether or not the rest of your appointment will go well. The receptionist that greets you must act professionally and courteously towards you.

11. Do You Feel Pressured During Your Appointment?

It is completely normal for a dental office to feel extremely busy. However, if the dentist or the hygienist rushes through your treatment or demands that you hurry up, then it is an indication that they may not treat your teeth as carefully as they should.

12. They don’t treat you Like a Patient, They Treat you Like a Number

If your dentist treats you like several customers, or their dental assistant takes you for granted and acts like they do this with everyone, then it is a sign that the dentist does not consider their patients’ concerns.

13. They don’t tell you how Much the Treatment Will Cost Beforehand

The dentist should tell you how much the appointment will cost and how much the procedure will cost. If the dentist doesn’t tell you this, it may be a sign that they don’t run the office very efficiently.

14. Their Office Doesn’t Offer Sedation Dentistry for Fear Patients

If the dentist does not offer sedation dentistry for fearful patients, then it is an indication that they don’t prioritise fearful patients since they do not offer sedation dentistry.

15. When Discussing Treatment Options With You, They Only Recommend the Most Expensive One

If a dentist only recommends the most expensive treatment for you, then it is an indication that they are not always looking out for your best interest when it comes to paying for dental treatment.


If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, then it might be time to find a new dentist.

We can help with that too! Give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment for you at our office where you will feel comfortable and at home during your dental exam and have someone listen to your concerns about treatment options.