An update from Dr Mark Brickley

I am writing a blog post personally today in circumstances I never expected to have to do so. It has been the most difficult week I have ever experienced in 35 years of clinical practice. We have had to take the unprecedented step of ceasing to provide routine orthodontic care at Resolution for a short period whilst the current Covid epidemic is managed. This decision was ultimately taken by me but was made inevitable by the fact that the British Orthodontic Society’s expert group on the Covid epidemic has stated that practices should cease routine orthodontic care because it was impossible to guarantee that there would be no risk of transmission in a dental setting. It seems likely that all dental practices are going to be closed in the near future and I know that this has already happened to many of my general practice colleagues.

I want to reassure you that this is likely to be for a very limited period and we will be restarting full operations as soon as we can safely do so. It absolutely does not suit us to be closed like this from either a business or clinical perspective but your safety must come first.

Many patients will worry that their appliances will cause damage to their teeth as their adjustment is delayed. This should not happen and indeed in almost all cases they will continue to work and straighten your smile over the next few weeks. We are continuing to offer emergency care and if you are concerned that you see an unwanted change in your teeth you are most welcome to contact us to discuss this. On return to work we will give priority to the most urgent cases and especially debond cases that are ready to have their braces removed as soon as we can do so.

Can I please ask that you respect my staff at this time, who are dealing with a truly traumatic situation for everyone and trying to do so in a kind and compassionate way.

I would like to thank you for your understanding at this stage and I personally promise you that as soon as I can find a way to safely treat out patients then I will implement it without delay.

Stay safe everyone, and we will see you all again soon.