If you’ve heard all the great things about Invisalign as an alternative to the traditional brace, but you’re still not sure that they may be a good fit for you, here are our top five reasons why you should give it a go. It’s one of the most effective ways that you can use to correct your smile.


The way the Invisalign braces are made means that they are not as noticeable than traditional braces that are added to straighten out the front teeth. Clear trays are used rather than metal bars and you can wear them for up to 20 hours a day so you can take them out and give your teeth a break.

Improved dental hygiene

One of the main advantages to Invisalign is the hygiene. As you can remove them quite easily, you can brush your teeth and floss or use interdental brushes as normal, following a standard cleaning routine. You can use your usual toothpaste and toothbrush too. Teeth cleaning and cleaning the aligners is so simple your overall oral hygiene will improve too during the course of your treatment.

More comfort

If you’ve ever had metal braces or know someone who has, they may have told you that they can make the gums and teeth tender. Areas of the mouth that are in constant contact with the braces can become sore or scratched over time. The material that the Invisalign product is made from is completely smooth which will leave your mouth feeling more comfortable.


People who have used Invisalign have experienced visible changes with their teeth in as little as three to four months while others have seen improvements sooner than this.

More convenience

Not only does the Invisalign product offer the same benefits as metal braces, you feel less pain from scratches and sores and not only that you won’t have to restrict what foods you eat as you sometimes do with metal braces. Enjoy all the foods that you love from popcorn through to apples, just quickly remove your Invisalign and you can eat your tasty treat.

Invisalign is a versatile, convenient and effective product that fits in with your lifestyle. They are custom made, using the latest technologies so that you receive a set of aligners that perfectly fit the shape of your mouth. Offering maximum comfort and minimum fuss, the Invisalign aligners are great if you want to transform your smile.