I went to Resolution with crooked bottom teeth and top teeth that seemed to have moved in recent years, giving me a slightly ‘goofy’ smile. Right from the start the treatment I received was excellent. I chose Resolution Specialist Treatment Centre because at the age of 56 and because of my job, I didn’t want train track braces and Resolution provided the Invisalign treatment that I had been researching. They have invested in the latest technology for scanning the teeth which negates the need for the putty type moulds of the past and provides an excellent picture of exactly what I could expect my teeth to look like at the end of the treatment.

The cost of the treatment and available payment options are made clear right at the start and interest free credit is also available. I took this option as the cost of Invisalign is not the cheapest treatment on the market, but spreading the cost makes it far more manageable for most people. Mark and his team advise on the treatment length required and this obviously determines the cost.

The braces themselves are very simple to use and I got use to them quickly with a new set being used every 10-14 days. It was actually a good feeling when each fortnight a new brace was popped in and the slight tightening was felt and you knew your teeth were gently but effectively being straightened. At no stage was the treatment painful. They really are almost invisible and most of the time no one knew I had ‘braces’. You do need to be consistent with them and wear them for the maximum recommended time of 22 hours a day to get the best and quickest results, but on a couple of special occasions I did remove them so I could enjoy two family wedding meals without having to take them in and out to eat. I found my oral hygiene became a little obsessive as I was brushing my teeth after every meal and having the brace in does stop you snacking between meals, which is no bad thing!

Because I’m a perfectionist my treatment took longer than I thought it would to get the finished result that I was happy with, but the treatment is ‘patient driven’.

Mark Brickley was incredibly patient with me, always kind, good natured, polite and highly professional. All the staff go out of their way to make you feel valued, relaxed and comfortable.

The only area I wish had been explained beforehand to me was the shaving or filing between the teeth, which is necessary to allow movement and straightening. I wasn’t aware this was something that is nearly always carried out a few weeks into treatment. Also the amount of ‘buttons’ attached to your teeth, again to assist with aligning the teeth were more than I expected, but that is an individual thing.

However, without any doubt it was absolutely a worthwhile investment in both time and money and I would highly recommend Mark and his team. So much so that one of my closest friends and her daughter are being treated by Resolution too.

So many people have remarked on my “amazing teeth” since I have had my treatment and a bright smile of straight white teeth can take years off you too!!

If you are in any doubt I would advise you to have a chat with Mark and his team, there is no hard sell and they genuinely want you to have the best looking smile possible. They are open Saturdays in addition to weekdays which really helps with appointment times.