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“Lamberts Vitamin B-50 Complex is a comprehensive high potency complex of the important vitamin B group. Vitamin B-50 from Lamberts is unlike some other high street products, as it contains inositol and the ‘brainfood ‘ choline.

Practically every process in the body requires B vitamins, as they are needed for the release of energy from food. They are also required for a healthy nervous system, a smoothly working digestive system and for healthy skin, hair and nails.
Food supplement.
Suitable for vegetarians.
For a healthy nervous system and smoothly working digestive system.
Maintains healthy skin, hair and nails.
The functions of the B vitamins are synergistic so a deficient intake of one or more of them may hinder their overall utilisation by causing deficiencies in the others. Many practitioners tend to give a B complex (either on its own or in combination with some single B vitamins) for long-term supplementation.”
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