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Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8211/02 Rechargeable Power Flosser
Pack of 1


Product Description

Fast: Autofire mode cleans between all the teeth in just 30 seconds
Effective: removes up to 99 per cent more plaque and debris between teeth than manual brushing alone
Microburst technology: Compressed air and high speed water droplets powerfully but gently clean deep between teeth
Safe: a gentle way to clean and massage along the gum lines and between the teeth
Note:Please ensure that the handle is fully charged for the recommended 24 hours by making sure the charger is plugged into a live power outlet, and placing the AirFloss on the charger, before the first use.Your AirFloss requires an initial charge of 24 hours before use. This product comes with a two-pin UK plug
Pack of 1

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