Hair is important to everyone’s appearance, self image and self esteem so losing your hair can be a distressing experience. Here at the “Wig Specialist Centre” talking to our wig specialist/hair loss consultant Julie will help ease the stress and anxiety by taking you through the whole process of purchasing a hair replacement system step by step to then ensuring it fits, looks natural and restores your confidence.  This is a unique, personal and private one to one service. Julie is also a qualified hairdresser who has also been fully trained in the specialist art of cutting wigs. This enables Julie to cut and truly personalise the wig or piece to the individual.

 About your Clinic Appointment

Your appointment will last for about an hour, during this time you will be given the opportunity to: Discuss all options that are available regarding your hair replacement needs.

  • Look through brochures
  • Look at and try on a variety of wigs and pieces
  • Be given advice on fitting and styles etc. Wigs of your choice can then be ordered to try on at a follow up appointment.
  • Learn how to wash and care for your wig.
  • Discuss cutting, styling and alterations if required.
  • Discuss alternative headwear for example scarves, hats.
  • Discuss Masking solution options if appropriate.

You are welcome to bring someone with you for support and a second opinion. For a first time private consultation that lasts an hour the cost is £50.  From this appointment if you purchase a wig you will get £20 cash back towards the cost of the wig if you choose a handtied or monofilamanet top, or £10 cash back if you choose a basic wefted wig.  Wig cutting will cost extra unless it is just a fringe trim at the time of fitting. Appointments for wig alterations, wig cutting and hair cutting are also available.

Wig Pricing

Synthetic Wigs                            from £89.00

Human Hair Wigs                        from £320.00

Full Bespoke Human Hair wigs      from £1200.00

Bespoke Human Hair pieces          POA

We can order from a large range of branded wigs and pieces like Trendco, Noriko, Sentoo, Amore, Natural Image, Hothair, Revlon, Hairware, Ellen Wille We also stock a range of wig aftercare products and accessories. If you require alternative headwear such as turbans, hats and scarves please ask during your consultation.

Wig Constructions

Wigs vary from one another due to the so-called caps, the part to which the hair is attached. There are various methods for constructing these caps and also different ways in which the hair can be attached. Price will vary according to wig construction. A more detailed explanation is below. Monofilament + 100% handmade The finest handwork using monofilament and hand tying. This luxury product provides 100% comfort for the wearer, has a comfortable grip and always looks freshly styled. 100% handmade The hair is weaved to a fine tulle. The cap is comfortable to wear and feels light as a feather. Monofilament + wefted The hair is weaved into a very fine mesh in the crown area that is invisible against the skin. Thus the wig cannot be distinguished from own hair and enables natural and easy styling. Mono-parts – parting This wig brings a natural look to curls and partings. Wefted The hair is machine-sewn to ribbons. These are the most basic and cheaper constructions but still look fantastic. Lace front Hair at the forehead and around the fringe is hand-tied to a special cap attachment. So the fringe looks very natural and can be styled in many different ways.

Bespoke service

As well as all the above constructions there are also bespoke made to measure wigs and pieces options that are made from 100% human hair Custom made hair systems are individually designed and are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch. The pieces are designed to the highest standards so you can live your life the way you want. Dermalite wigs and pieces are custom made for you and are personally tailored to suit your individual needs. Dermalite is a sensational product, which  continues to improve and exceed all expectations. Awareness of the Dermalite is growing as more and more people with complete hair loss are choosing a wig they know won’t let them down. Dermalite pieces are based on a non elasticise transparent foundation, which keeps its shape perfectly, this combined with the soft touch European hair ensures these top quality pieces go undetected .The Dermalite is perfect for those with an active life, the product remains natural even after washing or swimming. Please ask if you require more information on our bespoke service.

 Information and helpful hints on caring for a synthetic wig

  • You will need to purchase wig shampoo and wig conditioner for a synthetic wig
  •  Always remember to never use hair dryer or electrical items on your wig
  • Always keep it away from heat e.g. standing over the oven and opening the oven door as the heat will damage the fibres of your wig.

Benefit from Julie’s advice today.

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