Clinical Trichology is the science of human hair, its structure, function and diseases. Julie Beale MIT has over 25 years experience in the hair and beauty industry is a qualified Trichologist and an associate member of The Institute of Trichologists.  Julie is a qualified and experienced Hairdresser who has owned her own salon and is a fully trained wig specialist with NHS experience working with chemotherapy and alopecia patients. This enables Julie to offer her patients a comprehensive one stop service concerning everything hair and scalp related.

Julie can advise you on different types of hair and scalp problems including: diffuse hair loss, patchy hair loss, hair thinning, male and female pattern baldness, hair breakage, scalp itch, scaling problems and the overproduction of sebum and conduct non surgical treatments of those conditions.

An initial trichology appointment with Julie can last up to one and a half hours. The aim of a trichology consultation is to ascertain the cause of any hair or scalp condition and to recommend a suitable treatment programme that will remedy the situation or refer back to a GP for further tests if required.
One of the first steps in getting to the root of the problem is to gain an understanding of the patient’s lifestyle, hair hygiene regime and state of general health.  During the initial consultation, the client is asked a whole range of questions including hair loss traits within the family, asked for details of any current medication and medical history etc. A full hair and scalp examination will be done during the consultation.

From this initial appointment, Julie can recommend a treatment plan and/or the client will be advised of other options that are available that may be suitable and be of benefit to them, i.e. hair transplants, wigs, pieces, masking solutions, hair cutting and hair styling advice.

First Trichology appointment                                      – £90

Follow up Trichology appointment                               – £45

Electro-therapy treatment                                          – £35

Wet treatment                                                         – £45

Haircut                                                            – from £25

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