We’ve only gone and done it!

We are very proud to announce that we have been honoured with Good Practice accreditation from the British Dental Association. This confirms what we already knew; that we offer an excellent service to our patients and a safe, welcoming environment for our team to work in. 

Practice owner, Dr Mark Brickley, comments “I have been in practice now for over 20 years in a huge variety of settings and without exception I think our practice is the best I have ever worked in. I’m absolutely delighted that we have got the BDA good practice award and this does of course reflect on every single person who works at Resolution, regardless of seniority or role. We are all responsible in some way for the overall practice ethos and we should be proud.”

We’ve all been grinning from ear to ear since we heard the great news; it’s always good to be proud of where you work.  Now to start planning the celebrations! 


So what does membership of BDA Good practice mean for our patients?

It means that we:

  • work to nationally agreed standards of good practice to develop and maintain a consistent quality of service for patients.
  • are assessed by the BDA to ensure that we are meeting the Good Practice requirements.
  • carry out our own internal checks on the way we work.
  • allow BDA assessors to visit our practice whenever they want to.

We are listed on the British Dental Association’s patient website www.bdasmile.org/gps

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