Spyridon Siakouis – DipDs MsC

GDC Number 82984

With a special interest in Periodontics, Spyridon joined Resolution in April 2018 having qualified in Clinical Periodontology at the University of Central Lancashire in November 2013; a three year course that qualifies the practitioner to diagnose, treat and manage gum disease. After qualifying as a dental surgeon in 2002, Spyridon came to England in 2004 where he continues to practice.
Periodontics became a passion for Spyridon when he realised that this was an area where he could make a real difference to the patient’s outcome. Gum disease is so often the hidden culprit behind tooth loss, with very little evidence of its presence until real damage has occurred. It can cause teeth to move and gums to bleed, recede and allow infection in. It is also linked to serious medical problems such as stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Identifying gum disease can also help flag up a potential medical problem the patient may be unaware of.