More people than ever before are choosing to have facial aesthetic treatments such as fillers and Botox to improve their appearance. These facial rejuvenation techniques offer impressive and lasting results for the client but only if they are carried out by a licensed and experienced practitioner. Not having the treatments undertaken by skilled professionals can result in all kinds of problems.

However, the results of these treatments can be extremely positive. Here are just a few advantages to this type of facial treatment:

    Appearance – Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the improved appearance that dermal fillers and Botox can deliver, which boosts self confidence.
    Ageing – One of the most common reasons why these treatments are used is to address the tell tale signs of ageing, leaving the client with smooth, youthful skin.
    Non-Invasive – These procedures are relatively non-invasive and you can carry on with your day to day activities soon after the procedure.
    Safety – Provided that the treatments are administered by a qualified practitioner, they are very safe.
    Time – Treatments can take place in as little as half an hour.

The professional who delivers the treatment will be experienced in the anatomy of the face, soft tissues, facial profiles and skeletal patterns forming a strong foundation on which to deliver the treatment safely and effectively. Their extensive knowledge will be used to carefully plan facial treatments.

Clinicians in this industry owe a duty of care to their clients and fully comply with the regulations. Under these new regulation’s doctors cannot advertise irresponsibly and they must personally oversee the consent process. This involves allowing a two week cooling off period before the client has surgery and in particular, they cover cosmetic procedures such as facial aesthetics.

When having any of these treatments it is so important to ensure that the company you use are experienced, qualified and abide by a code of ethics for the industry. Any good clinician would have high standards of safety, governance and protocols to reduce cross infection. Before considering any kind of facial aesthetics treatment, make sure that you are using a reputable company, check the clinician’s credentials and ensure that they have a successful track record of delivering treatments successfully. At the very least they should be registered with the General Medical Council and make sure that you have an in depth consultation before you agree to any treatments. During the consultation the professional will evaluate your medical history, learn what you would like the outcome to be and formulate a personalised treatment plan tailored to your requirements.