A routine trip to my dentist resulted in a referral to Resolution to investigate the reasons behind my bone loss and subsequent gum issues. A course of periodontal treatment followed fully explained and carried out by professional and friendly staff. During this a recommendation was made for braces as it was felt my bite needed correction to assist with root cause.
Who wants braces at 50? Well I can tell you that I could not have made a better decision.
One of the first to be offered the ‘insignia’ system braces, a 3D scan ensures they are made customised for you. Software allows you to see instantly the projected end result and it often results in faster treatment times. 13 months later I have a corrected bite, improved oral health and a lovely smile.
All of the staff, and particularly Sue and her team, took time to explain procedures and resolve issues.
Did it hurt? No
Was it noticeable? Barely
A discussion point and inspiration for others? Undoubtedly, proving its never to late to invest in yourself!

Jill, 52, from Somerton.


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